About Us

So, 3ANNIES the name? Inspired by us… simply my two wonderful daughters and I all share the same middle name… “Anne”. It just made sense.

The Vision: We are 3annies… the product, the brand, our team, our vision is all about authenticity… a beautiful product, authentically designed, authentically created – for you.

3annies began like anything – a seedling. The intent was not to grow an empire but to breathe heart into something I felt needed a new life. 3annies strives to be different – a sense of self and style is integral to every part of not just our product but our company. Authenticity, right? Originally, inspired by my daughter Rowe, a successful photographer for some 20 years I decided to start making camera bags after hearing her complaining that she couldn’t find a leather camera bag that suited her. My background is that of a “self-labeled designer, always ready to give it a go... sometimes “out there” never conservative, more ornate and embellished… driven by heart.

The Foundation: My father always told me ‘if you feel strongly about something, go do it, be original, follow your heart and take chances’, don’t let your age be a barrier” and that indeed was foundation enough. I chose to create camera bags, his powerful words set me free. Statement camera bags, a fusion of color, unparalleled attention to not only creation but the detail, on-trend, effortlessly cool, instantly recognizable pieces that combined function with fashion. A key statement collection, for people just like you.

The Seedling: Launched in 2012 on Australia’s Gold Coast, to say the seedling grew quickly is an understatement. With a vibrant palette and luxurious leather, a playful collection was born that not only pushed the boundaries but dared to see past them. Photographers wanted function – I dreamt of not just one bag that offered this but a collection that offered everything, to hold lenses, iPads, purses, mobile phones, more than one camera body, car keys, cards, batteries, lip balm and even the sneaky baby bottle. 3annies bags were designed to reflect the personality of those who wear them, a symphony of colors, individual designs, luxe finishes, pretty names, and feminine leathers. I wanted to create the ultimate 3Annies…

The Philosophy: A company with heart needs to work with it. WE draw. WE design. WE draft. WE create. WE oversee every single facet of production – from conception to birth.  It’s hard to love something you’re not fully invested in and even more difficult to have it love you back- so we chose to do just that, to work with heart.

Not content to do things the easy way we travel internationally to source the best leathers and have built a skillful experienced loyal team overseas. We use superior materials such as 100% natural grain, dry milled cowhide leather, designed to age gracefully with the character expected from a designer bag. The product is finely crafted by a small team supervised by my international associate who ensures my high-quality standards are not only met but ethically so. We settle for nothing less than an impeccable handmade luxury item. Bags made with love. Literally.

Future Growth: The sky is the limit when you dream big. All good adventures start from just that, a longing, a yearning to forge your own way, to discover, explore, take the road less traveled. Inspiration is everywhere and we choose to see it in everything. Rather than just create a premium range of camera bags, we choose to see more than function, more than fashion, we are adventurers and any good road trip is made all the better sharing it with new friends who feel like old friends. WE want YOU to have an adventure with 3annies. I believe 3annies camera bags speak for themselves. All you need do is look.

Our Promise:

3ANNIES strives to be the best it possibly can be. Everchanging, never boring, always a trendsetter, never a follower. We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality products and impeccable personal customer service.

Thanks for being here, the pleasure is ours.

Truly, 3ANNIES team x